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By Earlene McGee

Astonishing advances in technology has seen to it that every business, regardless of how small or large, can compete in the global market place. Nevertheless, new and exciting opportunities also bring new challenges. Competition is fierce and consumers are presented with more choices than ever before. Vancouver BC entrepreneurs have quickly learned that they need sophisticated business telephone systems if they want to remain on the cutting edge.

Telecommunications service providers have come a long way since those primitive days when it required an operator to establish a connection between exchanges. Modern PABX installations offer efficient communication. They can manage a large number of extensions and they offer users a wide variety of useful features such as call holding and voice mail. Many of these features have now become minimum requirements by those installing new exchanges.

Traditional installations have some serious drawbacks, however. It is not portable, for one thing. Even the most sophisticated features are of no help if the appropriate employee is not at his desk. This means that it is frequently necessary to take messages. Not only are messages sometimes not relayed, but callers may become frustrated if they struggle to communicate. This can quickly become detrimental to the business.

It is also true that PABX installations are very expensive, especially for large organizations that need separate installations at every branch and site. Maintenance is also costly and time consuming. Downtime occurs when installations break down or when routine maintenance is conducted. This can disrupt the business and result in unhappy customers. Costs are further raised because so many calls have to be made to react to messages that were left because the employee was not at his desk at the time of the call.

It seems as if VoIP has stepped forward as the one system that will not only overcome the drawbacks of PABX, but also lead the way towards effort free, flexible and cheap telecommunications. Even companies that have numerous branches and remote sites require only one single central installation. Even better, the platform is hosted by the service provider. This means much lower maintenance cost and constant access to the very latest upgrades.

One of the biggest attractions of VoIP installations is the significant cost savings that can be achieved. Because there is only one single central installation, money can be saved on maintenance and capital outlay. Further savings are achieved because there is no longer any need to employ operators at each installation. It is even possible to access the network by using smart phones, tablets and laptop computers.

VoIP also offer many features unmatched by traditional installations. Users can transfer calls from one site to another, even if the other site is geographically far away. This means that employees are able to move away from their desks without ever being out of touch. This leads to higher productivity and higher levels of customer satisfaction.

There can be no doubt that effective communication is one of the most important corner stones of every successful business. With VoIP it is not only possible to save a significant amount of money, but also to improve productivity and to offer vastly superior service to both clients and suppliers.

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