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By Arthur Williams

Now that the Super Bowl craziness has subsided, I believe that it is time to talk about one of the lesser-known attributes of that very day. I am, of course, referring to the Puppy Bowl, which takes places on TV during that very Sunday. Those who consider themselves animal lovers know all about this event and may even tune in to watch it. For those who are less familiar with this, I believe that it's a topic for any and all online marketing companies to cover.

The Puppy Bowl, for those who aren't in the know, is a type of television show that recreates a football game with puppies. Specifically, a group of small dogs play around a makeshift stadium, which is made more engaging with commentators talking over the spectacle. Despite its simple premise, the Puppy Bowl has amassed tremendous popularity over the course of time. This is especially noteworthy when you consider that this event has been a yearly mainstay since 2005.

One of the reasons why the Puppy Bowl has fared so well, according to firms such as fishbat, is because it appeals to quite a broad audience. As popular as the Super Bowl is, it's clear that not everyone is going to be into sports. However, I'd like to think that there's just as strong of an audience that is animal-loving, to put it simply. Online marketing companies can immediately look at the Puppy Bowl and see how it can attract a strong viewing audience during this time.

Another element of the Puppy Bowl deserves to be covered as well: the Kitty Half-Time Show. After an hour and fifteen minutes have passed, there is a slot of thirty minutes which is allowed for kittens to play on the field. This includes every from scratching posts to balls of yarn, too. I believe that this works because, when you think about it, not everyone can be considered a "dog person." What this does is round things out so that the aforementioned audience can be made that much broader.

There are plenty of reasons why the Puppy Bowl is popular. The obvious inclusion of small animals playing together cannot be disputed, though I'd make the argument that marketing has something to do with it. The Super Bowl is a time for various brands to make their mark, especially on a large scale, so it makes sense for the Puppy Bowl to gain traction. It's a yearly event that gains viewers, and I don't see that changing.

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