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By Olivia Cross

One of the most common problems in Microsoft Outlook is being unable to send emails or receive emails or in some cases unable to do both. The Microsoft Outlook email problems sending email could be because of various different reasons. It could be because of incorrect settings of the server, any recent changes that have been made to the program or it could be because of firewall or antivirus settings.

It is very conceivable to alter these issues all alone in the event that you have the capacity take after the given directions precisely. It is not something entangled at all and you can fathom it without any other person's assistance. A manual for tackling such issues is constantly convenient on the grounds that you can alter everything yourself and inside no time.

With a specific end goal to alter the issue open Outlook and then click on Tools tab then you have to click on record settings. When you get into the settings you will have the capacity to see your record profile under the tab named email. Click on the email profile that you use and after that press the change tab. Here you will need to click the more settings tab. You need to check if the server settings are correctly written.

Although this method should work but its not guaranteed that your problem will be solved. The best way to solve the issue is to follow the steps accurately and do as guided and your Outlook will be up and running in no time.

You ought to additionally check whether your antivirus project is state-of-the-art or not. Since sometimes, if the antivirus system is not living up to expectations effectively it may influence different projects on your framework too. You may need to handicap email filtering peculiarity of the antivirus program as it may cause issues to this system and keeps it from accepting or sending messages in a successful way.

In order to disable the email scanning feature you will have to open the antivirus program console and disable that feature. Once disabled, hit the save changes button and close all programs and restart your computer in order to save all those changes.

You might also discover that the Windows Firewall sometimes disables the program from either receiving or sending emails in an effective way. Windows Firewall is a good feature but sometimes you don't need it and must disable it for certain programs. You can change the settings by going into the control panel. You will need to make these changes using the administrator's account otherwise you won't be able to make any changes to the computer at all.

Sometimes inactive internet connection could also cause such issues. If the network glitch is temporary then it could be fixed on its own but if you face the same problem again and again then it means you must seek professional help in this regards. Check if all the cables and router is working correctly and if there are any issues, ask your network service provider to sort this out for you.

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