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By Paula Hess

For those who do not know, Amber Alert is a system that is designed for the purpose of alerting the public of child abduction cases. While this came into being in 1996, it has since been integrated into a number of websites, Google included. However, what if I were to tell you that Facebook would soon be making use out of them? It's a tremendous point to cover and it's one that, in my view, online marketing companies may be drawn in by.

Facebook will soon be working with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, allowing Amber Alerts to be sent through the social media page. Specifically, messages will be tailored to individuals based on the locations given on their profiles. What this means is that messages given to New Yorkers will not be the same as those given to New Jersey residents. In the words of Emily Vacher, who serves as Facebook Security, Trust and Safety Manager, the social media channel will become, "...the world's largest neighborhood watch."

What about the details of these alerts, you may wonder? It's been said that the alerts in question will contain photographs of the children taken or even information about the vehicles detected. To say the least, these points of interest should help to make the recovery of abducted children easier. Of course, one can make the sound argument that the idea of similar information plays a part in this, as everyone will have the same understanding of what a particular case entails.

I believe that this story should reach the attention of various online marketing firms. One of the reasons for this is social interaction, as users who are given Amber Alerts will be encouraged to share out this information with others, regardless of their locations. After all, it's easy to assume that a child abduction case will not exist solely in the area where it occurred. A broader degree of networking will be required, as supported by companies along the lines of fishbat.

It's easy to see that Facebook is doing a tremendous thing, as far as this story is concerned. Given the importance of child abduction cases, and the attention which should be drawn to them, it's easy to see that Amber Alerts are invaluable. It's also vital to note that the information tied to these alerts can be distributed to other individuals, thereby allowing more attention to be drawn to a number of cases. From what I have seen, this will only allow abduction cases to be remedied sooner.

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