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By Yaha Jones

One big trend in off-page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is to be sure that the links to your website are real. There was a time when the wholesale manufacturing of links and link farms was rampant across the Internet, and most of them were basically illegitimate.

Below here are some our best advice, for SEO success in 2014. Press releases will become just as important as blogging: Press releases are smart move as they can easily reach targeted traffic, and spread virtually through a wide-range of media channels. These are important factors as they can aid in giving your company more credibility.

Some websites have been penalized because they took the wrong direction and just threw up lots of links from dubious sources.

One strategy that is proving successful is to have a "super blog" that is well written and have it become a fount of information, that really is a point of reference that people want to refer to as a good source, and have the blog point to your website. The blog should be attracting lots of organic comments and posts, so as to validate the blog to Google that the incoming traffic is real.

To get to the crux of the matter, all of the factors that go into ranking web pages rely upon trust, quality, and authority. This is really what Google has set out to do in the first place, is to give the searcher what he or she is really looking for. Up to now, there has been an unwritten (and written) strategy to "trick" Google into ranking our site.

Now with the advent of Panda and Penguin there is some real teeth in the process, and it is forcing people to focus more on the delivery of good content. You are going to have to build an audience and a following and develop trust with that audience to continue maintaining a ranking.

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