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By Robert Sutter

It seems as though certain websites are going to be used more than others depending on the social group that you would like to focus on. Any Long Island social media agency can tell you that there are certain levels of appeal and it is up to such an agency to see which ones are best for the types of clients they work to help. My focus has been on Facebook recently and it seems like teenage usage has been down quite a bit. What are some of the reasons for this?

Business Insider posted an article in regards to the matter and teenagers have spoken about why Facebook has not been used nearly as much. One of the reasons has to do with the idea of privacy, which a Long Island social media agency can vouch for. More specifically, users did not want to be posting on the same site as their mothers had accounts for. Teenagers want space away from their families, which is understandable, and having parental figures survey each and every word destroys the idea of privacy in question quicker than anything else.

There are other websites to consider as well, which means that Facebook has even more competition to look to. In the eyes of quite a few teens, signing up for a Facebook account takes more time than other platforms, at least for the type of content that they are given. They may not be focused so much on text but rather the more visual types of media that come with Instagram, for example. It is understandable why attention has been driven to other sites by comparison.

I know that many individuals like burning time away on Instagram, which is especially true given the visual-heavy front that has been linked to this particular website. Keep in mind that Facebook, as a platform, is more than capable and I am sure that most would be able to agree with such an idea. However, even communication is seemingly being slowed down on by teens, which a Long Island social media agency could look to. Agencies such as fishbat can tell you that various choices exist.

Facebook, while still immensely popular, has seen something of a decrease when it comes to teenagers. I do not think that anyone can argue with this point, especially when it seems as though such elements as privacy will be desired compared to other websites. Others simply may not like so much text on the site and, as a result, will go elsewhere if they want to waste time. Facebook's popularity is still present but the specific groups that utilize the site have shifted just a bit.

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