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By Abraham Joseph

Google dominates over other search engines. Many use the word "google" as a term for performing a search on the internet. But while Google may not have much competition from other search engines, they do have some real competition from social sites. Here's why Google should be afraid of Twitter and Facebook.

Both Facebook and Twitter make it easy to follow the latest news. Twitter displays current trends in a sidebar, and Facebook also displays subjects that are currently trending. If a big piece of news hits, users will see it without ever looking for it.

When users get their news through social media sites, they don't need to head over to Google to do a search. Instead, they can simply click the many links that others are already sharing. They may trust links from their friends more than they trust Google's search results.

When you log into Twitter, you simply tweet what you want to say. When you log into Facebook, you can add something to your newsfeed right away. However, when you go to Google, you are conditioned to only think about finding information. Having to login to your account, and then find your way to Google Plus adds a couple extra steps, making it less easy to use.

Instead of taking all of your advertising dollars, and putting it into traditional advertising, by using Facebook advertising, and setting up your very own Facebook page, you can start to build subscribers very easily, and also make more money than you did before as people begin to share what you have to offer on Facebook. This is a great way to on an excellent place to start marketing, all the while earning free clicks from individuals that found you from Facebook shares.

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