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By Leticia Jensen

Research shows that many tons of wastes are generated from computer and electronic products annually across the world. In the United States alone, there is an average of 3 million tons of electronic waste per year. This is according to the data gathered by the Environmental Protection Agency. The reason for such huge numbers is because computers have become a major necessity in the world of today. Thus, computers recycling in Austin is a very vital process.

Most people who use these gadgets nowadays have realized that new versions are being released to the market every day. Everyone wants to have a computer with the latest Pentium and specifications. Thus, they dump the ones they already have and acquire new ones. This has caused a lot of harm to the environment. The best way is to have these waste computers recycled. Below are reasons why old or used computers should be recycled.

Electronic wastes can be dangerous to your health. This is because electronics, not excluding computers, are manufactured using very harmful metals like lead. When these materials decompose, they emit very poisonous gases that are health hazard. Led for example is very dangerous if inhaled since it can cause lung complications. It is therefore important to recycle these substances instead of dumping them in a landfill.

The environment can also be impacted by these wastes. As much as you try to conserve the environment, you cannot control poisonous substances that come from landfills. For instance, those computer parts in landfills are likely to decompose and emit dangerous toxins that may be washed away to nearby water streams. This can endanger the lives of human beings and other animals that depend on that water.

Congestion in the landfills is taken care of if electronics are recycled. Remember that many people throw away used computer parts and these may congest the limited landfills. This means that other wastes that cannot be recycled will not have a place to be put. There is no need of congesting landfills with items that are recyclable. Instead, these e-wastes should be recycled so as to create room for other types of wastes.

This process can benefit both the consumers and the manufacturers. If you are a manufacturer, you can save a lot because the raw materials will be cheaper. Note that dealing with electronics can be costly and the cost can be cut if you re-use the old ones. The final products that reach the consumers will be relatively cheap since they come from recycled materials.

The process of recycling electronics ensures re-utilization of all the resources used in the initial manufacturing process. Taking an example of computer hardware, you find that it has small parts that are costly to manufacture. If the hardware is recycled, such parts can be used again to make other computers. This saves money to make new ones as well as the energy used in the manufacturing process.

You can actually prevent the abuse of resources if you opt for recycled products. Recycled products are quite affordable and can enable you to save money. Natural resources are greatly conserved since new computers are being made from old ones.

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