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By Adam Khan

The Facebook ad platform can be very powerful for those who understand how to use it. Unlike Google Adwords which is great for advertising to someone who is looking for a good or service right now, you can advertise products on Facebook that people might not know about and are thus not actively searching. This can be accomplished by targeting people with certain interests using paid Facebook ads.

You can choose many different categories in combination and really fine tune who you want your ad shown to. You can pick an range of age, gender, married, divorced, in a relationship or not, occupation, geographical location, and likes and dislikes in all kinds of areas. Tastes in music, cooking, clothing, hobbies, and all kinds of subdivisions within those classifications can be targeted.

Once you have created your ad, you can go to the section in Facebook that says, "Create Your Ad" and then you will be taken to a section that says, "Create Your Audience," and then you see a notice on the right hand side that gives you the size of your potential audience that you will be reaching.

For example, you could do a Facebook graph search for people who like the Denver Broncos and like teeshirts, an even more specific targeted group. Facebook will then return a list of names that you can scrape with the scraper. This could allow you to get an even greater percentage of real buyers to your offer.

Using Facebook paid ads to target specific interests can be a very powerful way of marketing your particular good or service. If you are serious about taking your internet marketing to the next level, consider using Facebook targeted ads on custom audiences.

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