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By George Boyd

Have you ever received a call from a company asking for a couple of minutes for a phone interview? Most of you may not be prepared on handling this situation, as well as answering the series of questions thrown by the interviewer. However, with proper briefing and training, an applicant will be able to overcome this kind of screening. Indeed some job seekers join toastmaster's clubs simply to practice for such eventualities. Telephone screening interviews seem to be more than the norm and increasing in eventuality for most job seekers in these tough economic times we have in 2014 Obamacare - the "Affordable Health Care Act" et al .

Thus for all their training and education many due to no simple fault on their own . Unfortunately we are not all living in booming energy resource based economies like North Dakota , Texas or northern Alberta Canada with the Fort McMurray Athabasca tar sands - each supporting robust amount of great paying primary as well as secondary support service industry jobs. At the end of the whole interview and job seeking processes indeed many fail to successfully gain employment at the end of the day Most of them fail to pass employment and career interviews and the series and gamut of exams. It's to the point now that some are actually giving up their quest, starting to loose their patience even stopping their quest toward finding their job and paychecks.

Remember all information written on your resume so you can discuss important information whenever the interviewer asked about it. You need to record important information like phone number, address and name, so it's advisable to place a pen and paper on accessible places. Let the interviewer control the flow of conversation and show professionalism during the interview. Maintain politeness on answering questions and never share unrelated information to the interviewer. Focus on answering your capabilities to perform the job and show eagerness to become a part of their company.

There are few things to remember to succeed and finally landing a job. First rule is to prepare for the interview in advance through interview role playing. The voice must be clear and answer must focus on how to be an asset to the company. Voice recording is preferred prior interview to check if it needs more energy, as well as the tone. Relax, do not be nervous. Think positively and show confidence on all of your answers.

At the end of interview, ask the next step of the application in a polite manner. Tell them that availability will not be an issue whenever a face-to-face interview is required. Always close the interview with a firm handshake, plus a warmth thanking message. Most applicants forget to do this few simple tips at the end of the interview. In fact, closing the interview on this way leaves a good aura to the employer.

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