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By Nazar Bryant

Selling niche products might seem like a tall ask, but those who understand this business are able to make a lot of money and earn the respect of their customers. There are a range of tips that can be added to one's repertoire for short and long-term results. Let's take a glance at a few proven niche marketing strategies for 2014 that are going to work for those who implement them correctly.

Listening To Customers: The first step of the process is to listen to those customers that are a big part of one's business. There is no point in moving forward with the niche marketing, if one is not willing to listen to those customers.

With a niche business, it becomes even more important to find results that are meaningful. After all, the target market is smaller and thus the chances of messing up are minimal at best.

Another powerful way to market to this group of people is by SMS marketing where you use text messaging to market to people. It is estimated that 98 percent of all the texts that are sent are opened just out of curiosity. That means 98 per cent of all your ads sent out by text will be looked at by the recipients.

If you are running a special for the week, just tell the recipients of your text message to bring in their smart phone with your text, and the will get the discount. How is that for digging up new prospects on the fly?

Those businesses that are able to fill those gaps will find themselves earning a lot more money than anyone else out there. All marketing strategies should be targeted towards those gaps. This is the only way of making sure one's niche marketing ends up becoming a huge success and does not go by the wayside.

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