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By Jaclyn Hurley

Computers are used for data and information management in different sectors. Other computer systems are used for planning and resource allocation especially for expansive projects. The definition of inputs and the expected outputs depends on the parameter definition. Project managers are employed to oversee that the available resources are utilized to maximum levels. The managers use the construction project manager software in the planning and the resource allocation processes.

The planning stage is very critical for most of operations within the companies undertaking development. At this stage, the complex processes are broken down into smaller operations which can be handled separately. This is followed by definition of objectives. This gives the firms undertaking the development a sense of direction as the managers know what is expected at the different times. The inputs variables are defined and this is followed by the definition of outputs.

Cost estimation is done to determine the feasibility of projects under consideration. This is very important in that the benefits to be enjoyed are weighed against the costs that are to be incurred. The costs of materials to be used ought to be aggregated. This is done by drafting the budgets. They take into consideration the various costs that may be incurred at each stage. The flexible budgets are also drafted. These are used in cases where the costs of materials fluctuate. This is especially in times of very high rates on inflation.

Scheduling is done by the use of special tools that are provided by the software packages. The tools help the managers break down the various operations. This is followed by the estimation of time required to perform each operation. Aggregate time scales are developed soon afterwards. This ensures that all the operations are completed within the specified time frame. This reduces the chances of having delays which could eat into budgets.

There are various components of a specific project. The computer programs helps the managers establish the various relationships between these components. The dependency charts are very critical at this point. The core operations should be completed first and then these are followed by the supporting operations. The level of dependency ought to be defined clearly by the use of the available tools.

Warning systems are incorporated within the tools that are being used for the management of various operations. There are a number of constraints that the managers have to deal with. Time factor is one of them as the projects have to be delivered within a specified time. Costs and scope are also very relevant. The warning tools manage these constraints.

The management of human resources is very complex. There are engineers that are employed by the firms undertaking the projects. There are designers who plan and undertake the feasibility tests. These have to be paid and allocated the required resources. The packages installed into computers are usually used for undertaking various operations relating to payments and resource allocation.

Estimation and approximations are used for producing the expected results. These are then compared with the actual results after the completion stages. The comparisons are used for drawing conclusions about whether the specific objectives have been met.

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