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By Gwen Lowe

While some technologies predicted in science fiction books seem a thing of the future or even imaginations that may never come true, it is true that there are numerous things and products that fit in the technologies which are assumed to be put into place over many years to come. In reality, some of these devices do not seem to be real even though they are practically used nowadays. Here are some amazing futuristic gadgets that may be soon available in the market.

One major type of these devices is the Google glass. The advanced technology used to make Google glasses enable them to display their results in form of a hand-free format, the same way a Smartphone does. This gadget is made with various components among which are Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connection and high-tech cameras that can record videos with up to 729p.

Some other essential devices are the flexible Smartphones. These devices are flexible and have the ability to bend anytime someone wants to store them. The OLEDs technology used in making these devices facilitate their flexibility aspect since manufacturers do not use glass, as it is not flexible but bendable plastics to create the phone screen.

One other vital device is the LCD TV that uses liquid crystal display technology to create and show images. Liquid crystal televisions are mostly created having transparent screens, which means that if you place anything behind them, the image of such objects would be formed on the screen of the television. Therefore, to ensure its efficiency you should never keep anything behind the screen.

Some other high-tech appliances are hybrid computers. The computer allows people to use it for surfing the net, typing and conducting any other task by just projecting its screen onto flat surfaces. The computer consists of two technologies: the digital and the analog technologies. The purpose of the analogy technology is to help people perform different manual computer tasks while the digital technology enables them to control the operation of such computers.

Single-stack kitchen, is another modern facility. This kitchen has a green module, which is powered using solar panels and a dishwasher that filters and prepares water supplied from the sink for reusing. The unit also has a microwave, enough spacing for putting a coffee machine, cooking range and a vertical garden where people can grow their own herbs.

The rotating flash drive is another futurist gadget. These disks come with a USB connector and have the ability to store data range of 4GB to 32GB depending on the size of such disks. The disk is designed flexibly enough to connect with your key ring, notebook or even binder enduring its safety.

Considering that technology keeps developing each day, it is important for people to adopt these changes. One great way of doing this is through knowing and buying various high-tech devices that may already be in the market. Manufacturers have developed various types of high-tech devices that can be used for different functions. Knowing some of these devices is usually essential as it would enable you be able to decide on which to choose.

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