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By Yussef Smith

When it comes to conducting a survey on the Internet, you don't just randomly create a survey and send it to people. You need to make the survey interesting and relevant to your audience. In this article, we're going to outline some practical tips to increase the response rate to your surveys.

1. Get More Traffic: Hopefully, you have installed Google Analytics or any other tracking software on your website. At the very least, you need to know how many people are visiting your website every single day. If you are getting less than 10 visitors a day, you shouldn't be expecting to see 20 comments, likes or tweets, unless you love to see spams. The obvious thing you should do now is to increase the traffic to your website.

Another approach can be incentives. You might want to hose give-away's on your webpage, so that you can increase traffic. This will keep making the audience come back to your website as well to see who the winner is. Plus it attracts them, since they get free things. The prizes you choose don't have to be huge like an iPhone or anything. But you can have small give-away's that would simply attract your target market.

Yes, I do need to use a pencil from time to time but I am just not passionate about it. I just don't feel compelled to comment on a blog post about pencils. Sometimes, you just need to be realistic. Blog post on popular topics such as self help, relationship and weight loss are usually going to get more comments. If you receive about 10 to 20 comments for the blog post on pencil, it is already considered a remarkable achievement.

Most surveys suffer from low response rates but you can remedy this by also giving your respondents a good reason to share their time with you. Offer them a discount to your product or service. If this is your first time to send a survey, experiment with different survey formats and strategies until you get a winning formula. Don't give up until you have at least 70% of the people you invite taking your survey.

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