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By Ayub Yusuf

Some critics will argue that the only one who benefits from Google+ is Google itself. Most people would rather post their life history on their Facebook timeline for all to see. But there is one trend that is picking up steam; businesses such as The Economist using Google+ to boost their SEO game.

Ironically this story first broke online on a Google+ account of "The New York Times." In this report it came to light that "The Economist" saw Google+ as a great tool not for socializing and social media, but for giving their overall SEO profile a boost. They noticed every post was indexed, putting more and more out there for people to find.

On top of that, comments were even made that work was done with experts at Google to help get the maximum out of their SEO efforts. This shows clearly that "The Economist" was using Google+ to impact search efforts, and isn't embarrassed to be so open about it.

Aside from getting benefits of ideal advertising space near the top of search engine results, the fact that every single Google+ post gets indexed means there are more ways for "The Economist" and the posts related to the publication to end up in Google and Yahoo search engine rankings.

Google+ might not be the success that Facebook is at the moment, but Google is taking advantage of its search engine domination to try to knock Facebook of its perch at that top of social network domination. If the Economist is any indication, tying their services together seems to be working to gain new users.

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