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By Jaclyn Hurley

Many people, both young and old, love to spend time on line playing games. There are literally thousands to choose from and fortunately many of them are free to download. Those who have an interest in the military should check out World of Tanks. This fun and exciting game has many players all over the world.

It is quite typical for people to learn about the game by word of mouth. Another way to be introduced is by a friend or family member. They may be enjoying the game and want to share it. In fact, having more players really makes for a more interesting dynamic. The first step for a new player is to log on and create a player profile.

Once a new player is registered they should head over to their own garage. This is not just a place to store the tanks, but a full scale command center. They should take the time to read the Newcomers Guide, an extremely helpful introduction to the game with tips on how to play. The tank information is also included which helps to make the decision about which is the best machine for certain terrain and battles.

Players take part in tournaments. These begin with three days of skirmishes, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of each week. Once all the skirmishes are over a standings table is available to all players. The top half of the board will go on to play in the Alpha play off where the biggest prizes are awarded. The bottom half of the standings move on to the Bravo playoffs with smaller prizes.

The play offs take place over three days, Thursday to Saturday. They begin with the quarter finals, then the semi finals and eventually the final battle to decide the winner. Games are taken very seriously as not just prizes but bragging rights are at stake. Being the final winner of the week is a huge honor and everyone knows how much work went into the achievement.

Each clan is a group or union of players. It is possible to join an established clan or start a new one and invite players to join. It is the team work and sense of camaraderie that really makes the game so popular. Many people report that once they have found a really great clan they just want to keep coming back week after week.

Clans are a huge part of the game. The player must register well before play and becomes part of a clan. Clan battles take place on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. After that the standings tables will show the rankings. The top half of the standings go on to the Alpha playoffs with bigger prizes and the bottom half go to the Bravo playoffs.

Skirmishes are also very popular. They allow players to develop their skills and learn about the capability of each tank. This makes it possible for each new play to make their way up the ranks.

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