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By Dirk Wade

Amazon is one of the largest websites on the Internet, one that is highly respected and trusted by people all over the world. Regardless of the type of product that you are trying to find, Amazon will usually have exactly what you need. Often times, they can ship the product to you within just a few days, making it one of the most reliable sources for merchandise on the web.

However, if you are trying to make money by selling Amazon products, it's important to realize that certain strategies do not work anymore. In this article, we will look at one particular strategy that works right now, and it will always work, when trying to sell Amazon products online.

This technique involves building several different websites, each pertaining to a particular product line sold at Amazon. You are going to focus on one particular niche, and then target all of the manufacturers that make the different products. By doing so, you can cross reference the different products from each of your websites, linking from one site to the other. As long as your websites are on different IP addresses, it will seem very natural to the search engines that you are referencing similar products.

By using this strategy, not only will you sell more products as your website ranking moves up in the search engines, but by cross-linking to other products and websites, you can help all of your websites in each niche gradually move up in ranking.

This technique can also be used if you are targeting products that are related, but it's easiest to create a product in one particular niche, building multiple sites representing the different companies that sell similar products. This technique should help you not only improve your search engine positioning, but sell more products in higher volume, thus allowing you to receive a higher percentage of commission for each sale that you make.

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