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By Darrel Jefferson

More and more students are trying to figure out just what goes on in the mind of a professor. The reason for this is that the sooner you find out how their brain works, the sooner you will know how to tailor your assignments to their needs. That is the foundation of a good grade. Here are some ways that you can get inside your professors mind.

It's always important to remind ourselves of the difference between commuter schools and places where the students live on campus. More often than not, commuter schools have dormitories where students can live, but it's not always the case. It's recommended that anyone who doesn't live on campus gets involved in college clubs to enhance their university experience. The people who live at the university could also benefit in the clubs, but only in a different way since they are currently directly tapped into the culture of their university due to the fact that they live on campus.

Professors often map things out for you during lectures, so instead of watching the paint peel from the wall, you should probably be taking notes. Most professors will even ask questions that will be directly on the test. If you aren't paying attention, then you won't be ready come test day.

It's wise for every student to look into what clubs are being offered and then research them to see if they're something that they want to get involved in. Odds are they will find that the clubs that are available are well within what they like to do on a daily basis. There's something that has to be said about people who get involved with like-minded individuals. The atmosphere of ideas that would be exchanged is difficult to find anywhere else. You have to be willing to break out of your shell before you decide that it's time to join a club.

The world of college politics is here today and gone tomorrow for most business administration, accounting, property management, event planning, new media marketing, and programming majors, which is why it's important for them to remain involved with their prospective clubs.

Being part of a club is something that you can put on your resume, depending on the things that you do within that particular club. Social clubs are less likely to constitute actual experience that you can put down, but they're good life experience nonetheless and the clubs that fit within this category are well worth considering.

Professors have to put on this facist face at the beginning of a semester so they can keep students in line. They just know that if they are too soft then everyone will be stepping over the lines. Better to just come across as cruel and efficient at the beginning.

If you're a member who's in good standing, you will be one of the first in line to accept these new positions. Granted, you will be one of the people that goes out of the club sooner rather than later when you graduate. Until then, it's best to enjoy things while they last and make good memories in the process.

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