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By Sher Adam

As we move into 2014 there looms new ideas and designs for the designs of websites. It is always a good idea to continue to give a website a new look so viewers don't get used to too much, or they will get bored and go somewhere else. Which is exactly what we do not want to have happen.

One thing that will be happening that is new will take place in the fonts area, as everyone is experimenting with new, more exciting fonts. One group call it looking or fonts with personality. The idea is to have fonts say more than just words, but to convey the idea with the shape, size and color of the fonts.

Responsive websites have taken over a lot of space too, and not the newer trend will be to carry that model over to the mobile arena. Since almost 60 per cent of people searching online do so now with their mobile devices, it only makes sense to apply that statistic to searches and take advantage of it. The software is different for desktops and mobile devices, so there will be a concerted push in that direction for 2014.

The mobile devices will now be asking for emails, integrating with social media, sites will be faster loading and fast scrolling will help make the mobile sites more enjoyable and functional. There will be many more video presentations in 2014, with the thought of "Why read it when you can watch it?' With a mobile device, it will be easier to watch a video than read the fine print.

Responsiveness is the name of the game, and now it is moving to mobile. Roughly 60 percent of all searchers are doing their searching on mobile devices, so now the mobile apps are gearing up for the biggest mobile promotion yet. More email capture, scrolling sites, and videos instead reading, will be what people will be looking for in 2014.

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