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By Ibrahim Smith

Internet marketing has become a great way for people to make lots of extra cash. However, as more and more people are discovering this fact, it is becoming more and more competitive every day. It also does not help that the barriers to entry in the internet marketing space are almost non-existent. For that reason finding the right niche is more important than ever if you want to succeed online. Here are some tips on selecting high demand low competition niches to target in the internet marketing gold rush.

When thinking unique business niches, the idea is that you're trying to tap into a market that is on high demand but has less competition. High demand niches also fall into the high competition category many times, so this is going to take some digging and careful consideration.

For example, say you started seeing high prices on old vintage signs from the early 1900's. There is not going to be as many people out there selling these signs as there is people selling the latest toy electronic gadget. These signs are bringing a nice profit, and it's something that you would enjoy. Plus, you can think of some great keywords so that you can gain the visibility you want. This is a great example of a very specific and narrow niche that is both on high demand and lacking too much competition.

One way of getting out some of these is to use "top 10" searches. Instead of typing "diet" into the keyword planner, go to Google and type in something like "the top 10 diet secrets." Then go through the list. On each site, use each of the items on the list as your new seed word for the Google keyword tool. You will likely find high volume searches you would have never found just starting with "diet" as your seed word.

Internet marketing is a great way of making extra money. However, you do not want to be competing in a niche filled with trained internet marketing ninjas. By using creative search techniques as discussed in this guide, you can carve out your own piece of internet real estate in a high demand low competition niche.

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