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By Ramzey Shawar

Banner advertising is something that you should try if you are focused upon earning money with online advertising. It used to be extremely easy to make money with this type of advertising, but over the years, banners became ineffective. In the last few years, however, banner advertising is beginning to trend upwards. Many people believe that it has to do with the fact that videos are so popular today.

Today, the effectiveness of banners has definitely improved, and more people than ever are using them to drive targeted traffic to their websites and offers. Here are some tips on how to create effective banner advertising programs to increase your bottom line.

If they are, you will probably not click on them, due to something called banner blindness. Therefore, to avoid banner blindness from occurring, you will want to use the ebb and flow banner strategy.

The alternative to animated banners is to use text banners, but to succeed with them they must be designed in a certain way. The best way to get the highest amount of clicks is to make sure that your words appear to be highlighted and underlined, just like a regular link. By designing them in this manner, you will be able to generate more clicks as a result of their similarity to traditional links.

Using the banner success replication technique, you should be able to hire a graphics designer to create similar successful banner designs, or even create them yourself. This strategy should help you target people that will be interested in what you have to sell, allowing you to make more profits this year.

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