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By Kendra Hood

In the age of modern technology, the way we make phone calls has evolved. Long gone traditional telephony where features are limited but the cost were skyrocketing. VOIP or voice over internet protocol is one breakthrough that advanced the way we communicated.

Possibly, all the states in the US have embraced this technology. For example, in Boston there have been a considerable number of Voip providers serving households and businesses in such state. The advantage of computers had strongly paved way for the welcoming of this technology. This had offered a lot of benefits to its users compared to old phones. Probably, this is also why many have switched from traditional to internet telephony.

Another benefit of web telephony is you can call someone on the other country while spending less. Because this depends on web connectivity, you will only pay for the internet bill. In fact, making calls locally you can save up to 40 percent while international calls you can save up to 90 percent.

It is no wonder that there have been hundreds of companies like these in Boston. As companies emerged into newer technologies in processing business, the need for inexpensive and reliable communication also had risen up. Households are also fast in switching from traditional phones to voip phones.

Having a web telephone is easy to do. You will have to get connected to the internet first by subscribing to an internet service provider. Most of the time, people choose ADSL for a reliable connection. Companies on the other side can also benefit from these. Making conference calls can be impossible with traditional phones. When they wish to cut traveling cost, they can use the conference feature of voip which is free using premier software programs. In addition, contact centers as well are using this technology when doing outbound calls.

Moreover, a telephone set is not required anymore. You may download a phone software over the internet and put it on the computer. You may need to buy a sound card, a microphone, or a speaker for the machine though. Many of these accessories come cheap in many computer stores as well.

Furthermore, if you are working on an office you can use the fax and telephone services of it. This is possible through intranet and extranet structure. You will be able to make your home as a segment of your office. Which means, you will not need to install additional phone line at home just to answer a call or make a call directly from work.

The fax feature that comes with the technology is also reliable. Often times, there are compatibility issues with traditional fax machines. With voip, there is not a need for a literal fax machine so you can send your message conveniently.

If you are living in Boston Massachusetts, making a call from all over the state would be cheaper if you subscribe for web telephony. You will not worry about separate bills anymore. This will give you more freedom to call anyone or start your own business without getting hassled.

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