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By Packy Kunst

The Popularity Of Portable Garage Buildings And In A Particular Rhino Shelter For DIY Auto Storage And Hobby Workshops Is Unprecedented In The Last Few Years In The United States. Rhino Shelter Have Receive Excellent Reviews For Their Portable Garage Structures From Many Home Owners. Rhino Shelter Design Their Portable Garage Buildings With Quality And Durability In Mind As Well As Affordability To The Customer. They Certainly Offer Value For Money Over Some Other Brands We Looked At Making A Rhino Shelter A Very Viable Option For Garage Storage Over Traditional Methods Of Garage Buildings.

Available in many sizes means a portable garage could save you the effort and cost in moving to a larger size workshop or garage facility that will for sure run into thousands of dollars when all is said and done. Unlike other brands rhino shelter use a galvanized steel frame for all their portable garages which never needs painting and will last for years. Their fabric is a 3 layer 10oz polyethylene material that has a middle UV layer to block the Sun's rays from rotting the cover during the hot summer months and thus prolong the life of your shed.

The Rhino Shelter 12x20x8 Round Top uses rust-resistant galvanized steel for its rugged, sturdy frame (unlike other brands), and repels snow or rain because of its round-style roof. Double zipper doors in the front and back offer easy full height drive through access for convenience.

These DIY portable garages come with earth anchors that include a drive rod to insert them into the ground and when properly fitted will take up to 1100 lbs force thus ensuring peace of mind and a stable structure in windy areas. Rhinos ratchet down covers and uv aspect make these units suitable to all sorts of climates or changes of weather. A rhino shelter can be easily installed by two people in a matter of hours and come pre drilled with all necessary hardware.

Summary of Rhino 12x20x8 instant garage

Firm cover consists of three layers of fabric that is fire retardant and UV resistant. Ratchet straps are made of strong webbing material that will not stretch when tightened up. Main cover tie downs consist of durable poly rope. All necessary hardware included with kit. A heavy duty anchor kit provides adequate grounding. It is available in, green, grey or tan colors. A rhino shelter carries a 2 year warranty. It can be used to store cars, bikes, boats, trailer, tractors and more. The robust round top deflects snow and leaves. Full height zipper doors offer drive through access.

So why buy a Rhino Shelter? Well if you want a quality shelter that will outlast any other brand of portable garage buildings then you are in the right place. If you want a fabric that carries a 2 year warranty unlike others, then rhino it is. It you want a drum tight cover that will stand up to heavy snow load, rhino has it. If you need front and rear access to your shed with strong ziper doors then its rhino. These features together with Rhino Shelters commitment to quality and durability make a rhino shelter a no brainer. When it comes to spending your hard earned dollars on a product that you will relay on heavily to get you through the hot summers and cold winters of our US climate, a rhino shelter far out weights its competitors with price, quality and durability. You won't regret it.

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