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By Hajj Isa

Have you ever considered getting traffic from online videos? Many people have realized how easy video marketing is, and are driving thousands of visitors to their websites and offers on a regular basis. This is something that you can also do through paid advertising, but you have to be careful where you choose to do this. YouTube is a great choice, but you may not be targeting actual buyers with this type of advertising. If you want to tap into a market of buyers that will be more willing to consider purchasing what you have to sell, you should look at the new video ads that are offered by Amazon through FreeWheel. Here's a quick overview of what FreeWheel has to offer on the Amazon network for businesses today.

Why Video Ads Powered By FreeWheel Is So Impressive

The first reason that these types of video ads will work is because of the market they are targeting. When you are placing your ads, you can choose the audience that you want to target, and all of them will be buyers. Second, the "Shop Now" call to action buttons make it very easy for people to go from the video directly to your product. When you do this, especially with these short videos, it increases the probability that they will buy. Third, Amazon is a trusted name in the industry, and all of the products that they sell are embedded with this trust. If you see something on Amazon, you are not likely to wonder about the credibility of the vendor since it is approved and live on This will ensure that any product that you are advertising will be more likely to sell because the trust factor of Amazon will pass over to the products and services that you have to offer.

How Video Ads With Freewheel On Amazon Work

The way this works is that you will have short videos that will pop up when people are surfing on an Amazon device, and it will have a call to action asking them to shop or purchase something. They will click through to your product, which they can then purchase, all of which is powered by the trust that people have an Amazon. As a result of this, many people will benefit from the buyers on Amazon by using this new short video ads system provided by Freewheel. Hopefully you will give this new video advertising a try, and watch how it helps improve your revenues every month.

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