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By Marci Glover

People make countless calls to other people each year. Most individuals have some sort of call records on their phones, but they are not always able to identify the people who call them. Answering a telephone immediately is not always convenient, especially if a person is involved with an obligation or task that cannot be interrupted. When an individual wants to know who has called, entering a number in a reverse phone number lookup for free could be a viable solution.

There are countless times when an individual cannot answer a call immediately. Many employers do not allow employees to take personal phone calls while they are working. A person might be viewing a movie in a theater, which is not a suitable place to use a telephone. Additionally, an individual might be at school, in church, or meeting someone important when a telephone call comes in. Saving the number to look up later may be advisable on such occasions.

In the past, every household had a large book that was delivered once a year. This book was called the telephone directory, and it contained all of the residential and business numbers in an area. Eventually, most individuals purchased mobile phones instead of having land-lines. Since mobile phone numbers are not listed in telephone directories, such books became less useful to the general public.

Traditional directories are still delivered to people, but they often do not contain the information that individuals need. Finding an online service that offers needed information can be useful. Many online services are free to individuals, and they are typically provided by an assortment of companies. One type of call that consumers often receive is from marketing companies. It could be beneficial for a person to know who has called multiple times in a day, especially if the person is on an official Do Not Call list.

Unfortunately, many individuals use modern technology to harass other people. An individual might use a telephone to repeatedly call a former spouse. A disturbed person might make threatening telephone calls to someone else. Using an online directory could help a person who is being harassed to provide important information to local or federal authorities.

In some cases, a person may simply be curious about who has been calling. If that person has been applying for jobs, it may be helpful to know if a potential employer has recently called. An individual may be avoiding creditors and might want to be sure of whom a number belongs to, before calling that person or company back.

Most consumers have found that mobile devices are convenient. However, if a mobile phone is misplaced and it cannot be found, the person who owned it might also lose all of the numbers that were stored in the device. After a new telephone is purchased, knowing who calls it could be helpful.

There is an array of reasons that a person might seek an online directory. The phone books of the past are not as useful as they once were. Being able to find the person or company associated with a number is sometimes invaluable.

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