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By Sameep Shah

You have an amazing product and you know it's the best out there; the best quality, the best price, the best in everything, the only thing missing is an awesome webpage that gets a lot of traffic and attention for you to be successful.

A website can elevate the prestige of a company and allows your clients to increase the level of trust toward your product and service. All of these can be accomplished if you have a good website.

There're a lot of comments and opinions around this subject, new tools, everyone talks about ranking first in google search, optimizing content, etc., but many companies overlook the fundamental aspect of all this; the design and characteristics your page needs to have in order to be successful. Quality content can be left in the shadow due to unattractive and ineffective design. Your webpage has to fulfil certain characteristics that are essential to increase traffic, productivity, credibility and success. These are the basic characteristics your webpage needs to have.

-User friendly; you have to make sure you have an easy to use and navigate webpage. Everything has to be understandable and simple. Make everything as obvious as possible, make your visitors enjoy the visit and stay. If everything is complicated they will just get bored and leave, no one wants to spend a lot of time trying to decipher how to navigate through a page. Make it easy for them.

-Functionality; it needs to have a clear scheme. The links have to be coherent, navigation has to be easy. The visitor has to be able to know where to look, make sure the user don't gets lost. It's important to make it easy because the visitor does not want to spend a lot of time trying to decipher how to navigate through your page, they get easily bored, make it fun for them.

- Appearance; appearance of a web page is important. Take into consideration the colors of your company and try to use things you know will work for your potential visitors, for example very strong colors can cause fatigue and rejection to certain people, so be smart when you do this. A good content can look as bad content if your website's appearance is not good.

- Clear Structure; the information displayed has to be well structured and be clearly introduced. One aspect to have into consideration is the position where the info is and the length, don't make it too long because visitors tend to get tired and bored.

-Attention and costumer service; when you display your company's contact information you will give more credibility and trustworthiness to your site. It's also important the user knows that he can get in touch with you at any time.

-Speed it up; make sure to use a reliable and good host, keep your pages light, use optimized pictures, don't use frames. If a page takes forever to load is destined to fail so make sure you get this correctly.

- Few clicks; this is fundamental, the quicker and easier the better.

-No pop-ups; avoid using pop-up windows, don't use flash unless you need to, and no unnecessary downloads, or registrations. Make sure you avoid all of this, the visitors will abandon your site quickly if you don't take care of these details; this can be the difference between a successful or disastrous website.

-Good links; make sure all the links you have in your webpage work correctly. Avoid pop-up windows and registration forms that are not needed, visitors complain about these things frequently, whenever the user is asked to register without necessity then he will rather abandon the page and look for other options.

-Simplicity; the format and different styles of all the elements centralized in one file, so the user only has to read it once.

It's also imperative to measure your results; this is the only way you'll know what your visitors like and don't like, and you will also be able to detect your weakest points and correct them.

These are just some of the basics, if you want to have a good and decent site you need to fulfil these requirements. The internet is an amazing tool to get to millions of people around the world, if you know how to use this powerful tool in your favor, there's only success in your way.

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