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By Adam Hajj

If this is your first time to hear about Bizo, it's actually a company that provides business to business marketing solutions to its clients. It used to provide simple email drip campaigns, however, as new data emerges on the behavior of website visitors, Bizo has released a new version of its products. So, how different is the new product from the old one? Well, it can only be described in one word: smarter.

Bizio launched its patented multi-channel nurturing system last year, but the initial launch had some problems because it was confusing to use. The company has greatly improved the system now, and B2B marketers can make use of the system to access the 95% of visitors that do not enter their email address when they come to a website. Before Bizio launched their offering, these website visitors were simply lost visitors, because there was no easy way to remarket to them.

Bizio's system lets marketers reach those anonymous visitors and serve ads to them across several different ad exchanges, run ads across premium business sites, and also show ads on Facebook. They can use multiple nurture paths to ensure that highly targeted creatives or ad content is shown to the right business demographic. The system also makes it easy to optimize their ROI and ensure that their lead quality is as high as possible. Platform-supported A/B testing is easy to use, and there is a full-funnel reporting system.

Meagen Eisenberg, the vice president of the demand generation team at Docu Sign, spoke highly of Bizio's Multi-Channel Nurturing system, saying that it allowed them to extend their marketing automation beyond their email database to target a huge pool of website visitors. Their business demographic data is incredibly useful and they offer customizable 2nurture paths" that ensure that only the most high value prospect segments see the social ads. The net result is that the company enjoyed both increased lead volume and good lead quality, taking a consumer from first brand contact to customer in a smooth and efficient process.

B2B marketing is a very demanding process, but these improved tools make it easy for marketers to run a detailed and sophisticated campaign. This takes marketing far beyond traditional email list management. There are several companies that have already used the Bizio system with good results, ensuring that website visitors get repeated exposure to the company's brand message, and that they have a good understanding of the company's products before they contact a salesperson.

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