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By Ramzey Shawar

Internet is moving at a faster pace than ever. For anyone who is just starting out, efforts must be focused on the right strategies so that the business will not be left behind. Strategies that worked a couple of years ago may not be the ideal ones to follow today just because technology and consumer habits have changed. Here are some tips for new internet marketing strategies that will give you a good start in marketing your business.

Blogger is owned by google, so if you do a good job, google is likely to notice and that can't hurt your rankings.

Center the theme of your blog around something that you are passionate about and that you really believe in. That way you can write and comment on your subject matter from your heart, and people will pick up on that. The nice thing about a blog is that, there is a feature that allows people to comment back to the subject matter you post there. Once and interaction develops, you will start seeing more traffic, and from there you can make a little money.

Go to the Google keyword planner and type in some search terms that you would input if you were looking for your blog. If your blog is about strategies for the board game "Scrabble," for example, you would type in some appropriate keywords. The keyword tool will tell you how many people are searching for that word, and those are the word you want to use in your title and throughout the first page of your blog.

Write a 500 word essay on the front page of your blog. Use the keyword in your title, and 3 or 4 times in the essay. If you want to sell something with your blog, put a couple of links at the bottom. Next write 50 to 100 articles in and other article websites, pointing back to your blogger URL, and you will start to see your blog ranking.

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