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By Marci Glover

Most companies have websites now. However it is becoming increasingly hard to stand out. There is also the danger that some companies make the mistake of assuming that once they have one they never need to update it. This is why people need to be aware of who offers the best web design in Co Donegal Ireland.

The first thing to think of is the kind of site you want. Some people want something relatively simple. This is what is often referred to as a brochure site due to the fact that it in effects becomes the online equivalent of a brochure with a few simple images and text explaining what your business is, how it works and where to find it.

This is alright if you want something simple that directs people where you are. With more people using search engines to find local services it makes sense to ensure that people have somewhere to find you. However it is not enough to have something that people could potentially find. You also have to ensure that people know where to find you.

This is where search engine optimisation comes in. It may sound complex but in basic terms this is about getting your company to the top of search engine results. For example if you run a bakery then you want people to be able to look up local bakers and find the name of your company at the top.

The problem is that some companies will be better at doing this than others. Some may say they can get you to the top but may use underhand methods to do so or get you to the top of searches that people are unlikely to use. This is why it is important to discuss your needs directly with a designer and make sure they know what you want.

You need to know what you are getting for your money. What can sound like a good deal initially may cost more in the long term if you are paying every week for hosting or you have to pay the designer each time you need it updated. This is not always easy but you have to be willing to carefully shop around and consider who is offering value for money.

In simple terms this is done by using certain keywords on the website, the tagged pages of the website and through various related links. This can also be done via social media networking updates, video descriptions and so forth. Some design companies will often offer marketing services as well that can help create content to further enhance SEO.

It is recommended that you compare at least three web design companies. This will make it easier to gauge who offers the best quality and value for money. It is also worth looking online for feedback on social media sites and through networking groups as this will often make it easier to find reliable professionals who will do the best job on your site.

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