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By Ismail Abraham

If you're marketing real physical products on Facebook, you've probably been faced with the challenge of updating product information on your Facebook pages and anywhere else on Facebook here you post product information. If you've been updating product information manually, it's time to get a hold of the Perfect Audience platform re-targeting solutions. What are re-targeting solutions?

They are solutions that automatically update product information across all the websites where that information is published. In order to use the Perfect Audience platform, you need to hook it up with your Google Merchant account and get a product feed. Once you publish a feed, the Perfect Audience platform then crawls the feeds regularly for any changes in the pricing and inventory. It will then automatically the product feed.

When it first launched, the company's product was being used to get 300,000 on the market. Right now it is being used to promote 800,000 retail products. One of the most powerful features of the Perfect Audience platform marketing tool is its ad creator, which allows marketers to enter bytes of dynamic content like product name and price into their ad copy.

When it first launched in 2012, the Perfect Audience platform was used to promote 300,000 physical products. Fast forward to 2014, the Perfect Audience platform is already being used to promote 800,000 physical products. As it rolls out its Facebook version, we can only expect for the number to increase.

In order to use the Perfect Audience platform, you need to have a Google Merchants account in order to create product feeds. It then crawls the product feeds of different merchants and reflect any changes in the price as well as inventory. The best way to know how this product actually works on Facebook is by buying the product and practicing with it until you're comfortable with it.

The Perfect Audience Platform recently released a beta version of its software for Twitter. It's one thing to work hard, but it is another to work smart. Smart workers are able to produce more with less effort. Utilize the tools available to you to help build a foundation for your presence on Facebook that can lead you in the right direction for reaching your goals.

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