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By Marci Glover

When you come home from work you may see telephone numbers on your caller ID that you do not recognize. In addition, these callers may not have left any messages on your machine. This is frustrating, as you might have no idea who is calling your home or your cell phone. When you go to an Internet reverse phone lookup for free directory, you receive help with these types of problems. Here is what you get.

A normal online telephone directory works by searching for a person's number with a name. You also will need to use a location if you want to pinpoint your search. This is an excellent way to find out someone's telephone number. However, you also can find other information like current addresses. Yet, a normal online search is of little use if you do not have the person's name.

A reverse or backward telephone directory works in the opposite way that a normal one does. For example, you have received a call from a specific number. It may or may not have a name with it on your called ID unit. You can find out a great deal of information about the caller, and all you need is the number they called you from.

Visit a free Internet reverse directory and all you have to do is place a number is their searching box. This will bring up information on that specific telephone number. You may receive the name that is registered to the number and also a home address. Yet, this does not work with all numbers, especially with certain cell numbers.

Internet backward number searching will let you know if your caller is using a cell phone or land line service. Yet, that is about the extent of the info you will receive. However, you can get much more when you subscribe to the directory service.

For a small fee, you may be able to discover a great deal about the party that has called. For instance, email addresses are sometimes available. This lets you contact someone by email, even if their current number is not available. Home address may be obtainable and many times birthday information can be found. For example, this will give you the age of the calling party.

Perhaps you would like to know more about your caller. You may not only discover who is calling, but you could find known relatives of this person. Address history can be received and this is important information if you are trying to track down someone from the past.

Additional services are often available for a one time search charge. However, if you would like to subscribe for additional searches you can sign up for premium services. Premium search services provide much more information. In fact, this helps you check up on the background of the caller. For example, you can find out if your caller is a known scammer or if this person attended a specific college or school. These services are private and confidential and the person in question is not notified of your search.

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