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By Rob Sutter

When it comes to the largest marketplaces on the Internet, it's hard to overlook the importance of Amazon. There's a level of security that comes with the site and the scope of items to buy is, to say the least, impressive. With online shopping taking more and more precedence these days, it's clear that Amazon will see continuous improvements over the course. It's Amazon's recent workings with Twitter, though, that may be able to garner the most attention from any online marketing company in the world.

During this past Monday, it was announced that Twitter would be working in tandem with Amazon in order to make matters more user-friendly for shoppers. Now, Twitter users have the ability to add Amazon products to their shopping carts on the site. This is done through replying to tweets which feature the products in question, adding the hashtag #AmazonCart as well. Prior to doing this, though, you have to make it a point to link your Amazon account to your Twitter account; it will not work otherwise.

One of the first thoughts that I had, in response to this news, is just how handy this particular application can be. Users desire accessibility when it comes to various apps, whether they are designed for social media or shopping purposes. The tandem of Amazon and Twitter is an interesting one on paper and it seems to work well in execution. A partnership such as this, in my view, is one that can only help both names in the long term; any online marketing company would be able to agree.

Various firms, fishbat included, know all too well the importance of e-commerce and its popularity in this day and age. To me, it has exceeded retail, as consumers want more in terms of variety and affordability. Amazon stands tall in both regards and any online marketing company would be able to agree. It goes to show that it has the potential to make a number of meaningful relationships with companies and its collaboration with Twitter is one that boasts potential that very few partnerships can claim.

I am of the opinion that this particular feature has a tremendous amount of potential to consider. Accessibility is the essential component, to say the least, and companies have to understand that their efforts have to be able to make matters easier for their consumers. As a result, the partnership of Amazon and Twitter, in this regard, makes sense and I believe that there is room for it to grow in time. It's just a matter of how much both companies want to put forth.

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