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By Bilal Syed

Twitter is currently the second most popular social network. Placing ads on Twitter is a great way to reach out to a wide audience but you need to make sure you properly target Twitter users. Twitter recently expanded its geo-targeted ads to eight more countries.

You can now purchase ad space on Twitter to reach out to users located in Australia, France, Indoniesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. This is a great way to reach out to an international audience and build brand awareness. You can use other criteria to select the users who will be targeted by your ads.

Twitter says that there is now a total of 12 countries who have state/region geotargeting available, and also have more than 200 countries with country level-targeting. Twitter has been offering some location targeting since late March this year, when it unveiled geo-targeting for Promoted Twitter Accounts and Tweets. But today's announcement has marked the very first time it has enables this type of Promotion Trends to state/region areas of an individual country.

You will get better results from your Twitter marketing campaign if you use other features to target your audience. Twitter gives you the possibility of targeting your audience based on their location, the interests and their demographics. If you are targeting a very specific niche, you need to make sure your ads will be displayed to users who correspond to your niche by using as many criteria as possible to define your audience. Don't hesitate to add or remove criteria in function of the results you get from your ad campaign.

This will enable Twitter to provide local support for a wider range of marketing brands to reach an audience that would appreciate the simplicity of using Twitter to engage directly with its fans.

Twitter boasts 241 million monthly active users. With over 500 million Tweets sent per day. That's a lot of traffic by anyone's standards. But many are wondering if Twitter is going to be able to successfully leverage it's huge user base into actual dollars and cents. The conversion rates and real benefits of services like Twitter are nebulous at best. Also social media users have offered some backlash to efforts to bombard them with unwanted advertising. So what is the real value of Twitter to marketers, businesses, and media specialist. The figures are there but making heads or tales of the data is hard work.

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