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By Arline Bradley

If you have been wanting to create seasonal flags ever since the beginning of time, then allow this article to help you achieve one of the items in your to do list. These items are actually very easy to make. You would just have to do the steps right and lucky for you, all of those steps are things that you would be able to find below.

The first step in this process is for you to find the fabric that is most appropriate for the project. If you want your decorative seasonal flags to last for a very long time, then you would need to look for a material that has a high level of durability. Woven polyester can be one of your choices.

Second, you will need to have a firm idea on the overall size of the flags that you have in mind. If you are only going to show them to your family and other family members, then go for smaller dimensions. You would have to do the opposite of that if you have a larger group of targeted audience to cater to.

Third, you would need to learn to cut the fabric on your own. Thus, be able to find the sharpest pair of scissors inside your home. If the clothing material is too big for your size, then have one of the members of your family hold on to the other end of the material.

See to it that you would be able to provide an allowance for all of your flags as well. Any measurement would do as long as it does not go beyond two inches. It would have to be reflected in every corner of the material too so that the finished products would all intact.

When it comes to the seams, they will just need to have a straight stitch on them. The stitch would have to be narrow as well to improve the overall appearance of the finished results. It is required to be clean too since you would certainly want people to think that you had the flags made by a professional.

Once you are done stitching the items up, you would already need to work on the colors of the products. In this step, you would have use of the most appropriate fabric paints that you would be able to find in the market. You would also need to start knowing your way around stenciling so that you would be able to perfect all of your designs.

As for your additional tips, you are recommended to use a bar soap in making some lines on the cloth. The lines would serve as your guide when you already need to cut the whole material into pieces. You may use a chalk for this step but the lines made by this item are rougher than the lines that would come from the product being recommended to you.

DIY seasonal flags are things that you can definitely do in just a breeze. You can do them anywhere. You will just to bring your creativity with you all the time.

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