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By Arline Bradley

The Dallas Cowboys play American football and are grouped in the Eastern division. They are one of the teams in the NFL or the National Football League. The home town for Cowboys is Valley Ranch in Texas. Caitlin Crawford Dallas internship was a rare opportunity available since such outfits are not known to offer the chances.

Cowboys began playing in 1960 as an expansion experiment to fill the gap of missing Southern division teams. Those who started it wanted to offer an opportunity to new players and fill the gap. From the experimental phase, it has expanded to mint millions and win fans across the country and beyond. This has seen it win numerous Super Bowl games over the eyes.

Forbes magazine ranked the Cowboys at position two among the richest NFL clubs. This ranking is for those participating in the American League. The list of wealthy clubs is topped by the New York Yankees. They have an estimated accumulated wealth of two billion dollars which ranks them fifth among other sporting outfits in the world. Their seasonal collection from the game, endorsements and other sources of revenue is 200 million dollars.

The Cowboys are distinguished by their distinct uniform. It is referred to as the Stars and Stripes Jersey. It has a navy road and pinstripes with words written in white. The collar is V shaped while the sleeves have grey and white stripes. There is an away pant with a metallic silver dominant appearance that is similar to the pant used at home. One may say that their pant color is grey. Cowboys have cheer leaders with distinct uniforms as well that include an off-the-shoulder fitting.

Catlin Crawford got the opportunity to work as an intern with the team while she was a student. This was rare because the team is not known to entertain interns. Her place of birth is quoted as Dallas, Texas and she is a graduate of broadcasting and electronic media from University of Oklahoma. Her most catchy phrase was the claim was her desire to work with the radio because she was a huge fan.

The flagship radio for the team is called KRLD-FMA. It began broadcasting in 2010 and has dedicated its airwaves to the sport and the team. The most prominent voice is that of Babe Laufenberg, who played as a quarter back for the cowboys. He is assisted by Brad Sham. They give a lowdown of the game on a minute to minute basis. The station partnered with Compass Media Network with the aim of reaching the entire nation. This was in 2011 when Team Radio Network came into being.

The team stands out in a white home jersey that is accentuated with royal blue socks. A unique number identifies each player and is placed at the back of their jerseys. Their signature colors are blue and metallic silver.

Graduates like Catlin have an opportunity to gain experience and test their skills through internship. They have a feel of the work environment upon graduating. Successful applicants for these positions require a lot of enthusiasm because they become the voice of this team and supporting community. This must be shown during the interviews in order to gain an upper hand.

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