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By John Musa

Every now and then YouTube likes to bless Marketers and video creators with a little guidance where it comes to marketing their service or product on the most popular site on the web: Google dot com. Their Playbooks have opened the doors and provided us with invaluable tips on business promotions. They also give us clear advice on what YouTube and Google are looking for in a video, campaign and channel if you want to succeed.

Anyone who is interested in establishing a YouTube series should look into the playbook. It's a good idea to give yourself an edge over your competition by knowing the fundamentals of what it means to create a video on YouTube. You may understand how to create a simple video, but truly optimizing it so that it is of easily click-able, and has a presence online is not as easy.

The playbook will give you all of the resources necessary to grow a following. It is going to take some effort on your part to put the time into establishing yourself on YouTube, but it is up to you to take on this task and succeed.

Google has always made it transparent to understand how to use its search engine to increase your page rank, and grow your following. Listen to what is being presented to you and take note of all the key points that are being addressed.

Implement any relevant strategies you learn as soon as possible. Do not be afraid to get out of your element and try any of the new strategies you learn. It will take time to build on your new skills, but your efforts will prove rewarding soon enough.

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