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By Bilal Amed

Photoshop is an image editing software that is widely used by website owners worldwide. In the past, the software was mostly used to crop and adjust images to be posted on websites. Marketing experts, however, have found creative marketing uses for Photoshop.

2. The subtle shadows - For years the drop shadow was very popular, but it has become antiquated with subtle shadows now trending in the graphics world. This is a very simple design presenting a flat drop shadow caused by duplicating your layer and moving it to where you would like your shadow to be. Don't be afraid to experiment with colors and density adding some creativity to the design.

There are many ways to design an info-graphic using Photoshop and there are actually templates that you can use to copy-paste information to and upload to your website.

Another popular marketing use of Photoshop is memes. Wikipedia has an interesting article about memes, but a "meme" is really nothing more than a popular picture (like that of Master Yoda) with a funny quote typed on to it. Aside from memes and info-graphics, Photoshop is also being used to create images that are made for the sole purpose of going viral. It could be an amazing BEFORE and AFTER picture of a model going through a total makeover.

All these popular uses of Photoshop are meant to capture the attention of billions of Internet users worldwide. It's no secret that as we have moved into the digital age, people's attention spans have also shortened by a mile, making it necessary to convey information in easily digestible form. Also, since people are using Facebook and Twitter, it's also become critical for business to create content that is worthy of going viral. If you haven't found any use for your copy of Photoshop, you can take our hint and create an info-graphic or meme.

Photoshop has been the leading image editing software for over the decade. Photoshop is used in many industries, including Internet marketing. Here are a few trending uses for the popular image editing software.Internet memes are everywhere. Internet advertisers are starting to use this medium to appeal to a younger audience. You can create good Internet memes based on your products or services thanks to Photoshop. These images can then be shared on social media to engage your young audience.

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