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By Ahmad Faisal

Anyone that does online advertising, especially when trying to generate organic traffic, understands the importance of getting as many back links as possible. Backlinks are the lifeblood of any business online, especially when trying to rank high on the search engines.

The way that Google and other search engines rank websites is by popularity, using a number of different variables. Some of these come from links from different IP addresses on different websites, and also from social media signals. Apps that you use on your phone have, up until recently, simply been a great way to earn revenue by the sale of the apps. Now, there is a Facebook app that allows you to do deep links between mobile apps, allowing you to get more attention to the products that you are selling online.

In other words, it mimics linking on the PC-based web. If you want to know how to publish App Link meta data, go to the HTML source of your page and add a few programming lines to the head tag.

There are some very practical applications of App Links. You can use the data to deep-link to your app, take your users from a webpage to an applications store where they can download our app. You could also use it to take users from the app to the web to view content. Although much needs to be done in order to make App Links truly easy for anyone to do, at least the protocol that's been released is easy for any developer to do.

This feature also comes in handy for smartphone users who use several apps at the same time. If using an app, say the Facebook app in your smartphone and come across a Twitter or WhatsApp link within the same, you can simply click on the link and AppLink will open the app (Twitter or WhatsApp) instead, (if installed) instead of opening a web based URL. This makes navigating through different app contents much easier and fun. There are many other benefits that will come with AppLink as time goes by since the feature is meant to make app world more fun.

There are many reasons that the latest announcement from Facebook in regard to the app links initiative have become the focus of many that market on the Internet today. Having the ability to link anywhere on your mobile phone is something that has been possible, but not that easy to do. If you have done linking on the Web, boosting your position on the search engines, is all about getting links back to your site are the more links that you have, the easier it is for people all over the world to find what you have to offer.

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