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By Raza Khan

One of the most innovative social media platforms that has been created in the last couple years is Twitter. It is very popular, even more so than Facebook with certain demographics, simply because of the simplicity of using the system. By simply typing messages that are less than 140 characters, you can communicate quite a bit with those short fast statements. In this age of wanting to have things right away, Twitter fulfills this need that most all of us have. In this article, we will address one of the new features that Twitter has offered which is called direct messaging to non-followers.

Using The Direct Messaging Feature On Twitter

People that do Internet marketing, or individuals that are simply following others online on Facebook or other social media platforms, are usually only able to receive messages from people that you actually follow. In the same way that you cannot send email to individuals that are not subscribed to your list, lest it be called spam, this rule would seem to apply in social media circles. However, Twitter has changed a certain aspect of its personal messaging service which will now allow Twitter followers to send other people on Twitter, that are not following them, personal messages.

What If I Want To Avoid These Kinds Of Messages

Now that Twitter does have that capability, the possibilities are endless. You can send a business proposal to a potential associate. You can message contact information that is meant to be seen only by the person you are sending the message to. You can even send messages of a more personal nature, such as an invitation to a social engagement, via this newly available method. When you think of all the new ways that this social tool can be leveraged, the possibilities are endless!

Critics will complain about this becoming a commercial option for companies who want to get into the lives of one and all. This is where choice is essential in the system's new implementation of direct messaging to one and all. The idea is for the user to have the choice as to whether or not someone can message them. If they do allow for the feature to move forward, this enables non-followers to message each other without being restricted.

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