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By Carl Lee

If you're a marketer who's looking for effective ways to incorporate video into your overall market content strategy, you're not the only one.

From a financial perspective, producing a video is obviously much cheaper and easier to achieve today, than how it was in the past. All you need is a smartphone and a YouTube account to shoot and video these days for practically next to nothing. But the content of your video is what really matters in the end, so the trick is to find creative and innovative ways to present your business and get your message across to online viewers.

The drawing is made free hand by the artist, and then sped up to be fresh and in order to keep the attention of the viewer. This is important because in any presentation of any length there is a tendency for the viewer to have their attention wander, and if your presentation has any detail to it, you will want the viewer to get all the facts.

To make a successful whiteboard marketing video, it's important to choose a subject who is a good and energetic communicator. Try to follow the general rules of video filming by making sure that the lighting and audio is high quality. No one likes to watch a video that doesn't have a clear picture or good audio.

Visual Storytelling - This method involves the use of a camera that follows the hand of the artist across the whiteboard. The artist uses his images to compliment and relate to the story, the video can then be increased in speed at the stage of post production in order to sync with the audio. These videos do require a level of skill along with more time for editing. However, when these videos are done in the correct way, they have the ability to be a compelling way to portray a message.

You have probably seen white board marketing videos before. These videos are becoming an increasingly popular way to advertise products and services on the Internet because they are very cost efficient for advertisers. Anyone can produce their own white board video. All you need is a white board, some dry erase markers and a digital camera. There is no need to invest in equipment or to hire anyone to help you shoot your video. This is an ideal option if you want to create a marketing video on a small budget.

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