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By Marci Glover

Communication in business is important as it enhances the flow of information and decision making. A good channel of communication furnishes managers and CEOs with sufficient and timely information, necessary for wise and effective decisions. It also integrates all the stakeholders in the communication process, including employees and business clients. Nevertheless, acquiring such incredible and dependable office phone systems is not a walk in the park. Some insights on the essentials of a good communication system goes a long way I this endeavor.

To begin with, the system should facilitate the sharing of resources. A dedicated office communication system must be able to connect all the workers in the premise and facilitate them to share the same voice resources. It allows them to transfer calls to one another to ensure smooth running of the business. The transfer feature greatly limits movements within the premise in an effort to answer a simple call. This, in turn, increases productivity of employees due to the time and effort saved in unnecessary movements.

The cost of acquiring and maintaining it should be reasonable and affordable. The cost of communication in most businesses forms a major portion of the budget. However, communication costs can be immensely reduced by shopping around for good deals and effective planning. Nevertheless, an office that integrates its telephones greatly saves on communication costs. This is contrary to the one with individual, stand-alone telephones.

The features incorporated by the system matters to a great extent. The features dictate the kind of service supported by the combination. As a matter of fact, it has a profound influence on the ability of the office to deliver. It should be simple and convenient for the workers to use. In addition, the network should be helpful in the management of the business.

Integration of clients is equally important. The clients must be engaged in business activities through the communication facility. Workers are supposed to be well equipped so that they can maintain a profile of valuable clients and keep their track. Scheduling and keeping track of important meetings is also an application of the system.

Concerning growth, it is advisable to opt for a more scalable application. It should be easy to add and remove users with the network. In fact, the technology selected should appreciate the dynamic nature of the business. Scaling up and down should be attained easily, with more state of the art features being incorporated with time. Also, it must be simple and not complex.

Business, by its very nature, implies that the system be highly mobile. Business travel is a concept that makes businesses to opt for PBXs that enhance virtual networks by the use of a broadband. With this connection, you can use your phone seamlessly to access your system. This is obtained via the cloud and is especially a characteristic of the VoIP technology, which applies the plug-and-play aspect.

It is worth remembering that a system relies on the configuration of the individual components. Therefore, ensure that the components are highly portable and flexible. A more portable component will enable you connect with different manufacturers. This is particularly the difference between the modern hosted PBX and the traditional telephone systems.

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