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By Amar Khan

Universal Analytics was first offered in October, 2012. Google recently announced that they were taking the system out of the beta stage. The result is that all of the site's features, reports and classic tools are now available to everybody who wants them. This includes the remarketing and audience reporting features. The announcement made by Google included the following points:

I firmly believe that Google Analytics will help me with my online business. It will give me certain tools, like reporting and audience marketing, that will make sure my website is totally optimized. This is probably one of the most critical steps during this whole process.

The new service is now a part of Google's premium services. This means that people who have premium accounts will not see any changes in service levels and product features when they upgrade to Universal Analytics. Whether the changes are going to be appreciated by the public remains to be seen. There is always a small percentage of users who complain when services they are accustomed to change.

Now that it's out of beta, just about anyone can sign up. If you were already in beta, they assure everyone that the same level of service will be forthcoming, even as they deal with the influx of new signups. So, it's great for everyone! Google has a great track record in customer service, so I don't think that's anything people have to worry about.

There are some naysayers who believe that Universal Analytics isn't that great. I have heard from some of my colleagues that they haven't had much luck from this program. I'm thinking that maybe they aren't using it right. I've been researching this for such a long time - pretty much since it came out - that I'm fairly certain I know how to get what I want out of it. Google can't tell me no now! Who's with me in setting up an account?

Universal Analytics is a tool developed by Google to collect and present analytics. It is a new version of the Google Analytics and it is now coming out of its beta mode. The main change is that Universal Analytics include mobile platforms. While Google Analytics could only be used to get data on visitors who used a computer to check a website, Universal Analytics will also collect data about cell phone or tablet users.

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