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By Bilal Amed

If you have an online business, you should recognize that mobile advertising is becoming more prominent everyday. People are continually buying smart phones over regular cell phones, allowing them to surf the web instead of just from their computer. Advertisers recognize the fact that millions of additional users are coming online, and will be searching for content on the web. To take advantage of this flood of additional potential customers, mobile ad revenue has branched into different areas. A recent report has shown that mobile ad revenue is coming from interstitial, as much as 70% of all revenue that is achieved. Here are the reasons why this is true, and what exactly interstitials actually represent in this report.

The data has been collected on an Asian market but it represents worldwide trends. Smartphone users are exposed to a large number of mobile ads throughout the day. Most users have learned not to pay attention to these ads, which results in the ads being less efficient and generating less revenues.

Video advertising has gradually improved in recent years, especially on websites such as YouTube. The ability to rank a YouTube video on the Internet is much simpler than it has been in the past, which means that more advertisers are using this type of medium in order to generate additional sales.

Interstitial ads are a great way of engaging users since you do not have to compete for their attention with the content they were trying to access. These ads allow you to get the full attention of your audience for a few seconds. You can engage your audience with an original video or create a full page ad with rich content. This represents a higher investment than purchasing adds that will be displayed as part of a web page but you should generate more revenues.

AppFlood found a great deal of interesting information in their report, and it's worth reading in its entirety. If you're interested in mobile advertising and its future, it provides a wealth of information. It will be interesting to see how their findings will change in the future. It seems like video and rich media are only going to grow.

In some cases, the user has to watch a video before being able to access the page they wanted to see or have to stay on the interstitial page for a few seconds before the page they were navigating to loads. These ads can be considered as intrusive but you can make sure that your audience has a good experience with your ads by properly targeting users and providing them with quality content.If you use mobile ads to promote your products or services, you should look into interstitial ads. These ads are more expensive because they are perceived as more intrusive but they will yield better results for your campaign.

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